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Get the immediate support and advice you need to start your recovery by following 3 SIMPLE STEPS:

  • 1 Create an account
  • 2 Complete an assessment
  • 3 Receive advice and report

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Easy to complete

“I had no problems completing the assessment. I could manage without the help of my son who normally has to assist me with online things.“

No waiting time

“We should all be able to do this, for everything. I have been waiting for my GP for 3 weeks and at least I know now what to do. I will probably not need my appointment at all after this assessment.”

Simple exercises

“The exercises were easy to do, I was a bit sore at first, but all resolved quickly for me.”

From the comfort of your home

“I damaged my back during the day, but it didn’t start hurting until later that night, when I sat down couldn’t stand back up. I completed the assessment, received my report, and was able to read the advice on my mobile straightaway. What a blessing! I had never hurt as badly before.”

Fast results

"I work as a builder and I don’t like doing any additional exercise, but I was advised because of my line of work, that these exercises would help to loosen my tight muscles. I had no problems at all doing the assessment, it was very quick and very easy. Great results."

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The quickest access to physiotherapy care

Instant Advice

Instant Advice

In your own home

In your own home

Clinically Tested

Clinically tested

Remote Support

Remotely supported over 44,000 patients

Physiotherapy On Demand

Online Physiotherapy Assessment & Advice

Get the immediate support and advice you need to start your recovery by following 3 SIMPLE STEPS:

  • 1

    Create an account

    Your personal account will keep your details safe and will allow you to store your confidential medical data for future use.

  • 2

    Complete an assessment

    After making a secure online payment, you will then complete a quick and simple assessment. This includes questions that relate to your general health and current musculoskeletal condition.

  • 3

    Receive advice and report

    You will receive instant, expert, advice and when appropriate, simple to follow video exercises to start your recovery immediately.

Watch our video and find out what our Senior Chartered Physiotherapist, Mark Fletcher, has to say about Physiotherapy On Demand.

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Start Your Assessment Now

Online Physiotherapy Assessment

Instant Assessment

24/7 no wait at all. Start your road to recovery now.

Immediate advice

Deal with your symptoms correctly. What you do in the short-term can positively or negatively affect recovery

100% safe

Clinically tested for the safest of patient care all completed in the comfort of your own home


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Priority care

Identifies patients that require immediate physiotherapy or medical intervention

Self-help recovery

Provides a personalised video exercise programme to manage your particular musculoskeletal injury


Provides a full report to share with your physiotherapist or medical personnel

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It was after 10pm in the evening, but I was still able to get that initial assessment and help I needed

G Wilmot

The importance of getting the right help immediately

Doing nothing or following the wrong advice after pain or injury occurs can set-back your recovery or worse without immediate intervention could have serious medical implications.

Which is why it has always been a priority for Physio Med to offer physiotherapy support to patients in the quickest time possible. The NHS has, on average, a 70 day wait to see a physiotherapist.

70 Days quicker

Immediate assessment means you can start improving in the quickest time possible.


Physiotherapy On Demand


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Wait for NHS

70 days (on average across the UK)

Our Story


Our story 1995

UK private national
physiotherapy network

780 Practices and over
2500 chartered physiotherapists

Still market leaders


Our story 2008

Physiotherapy Advice Line

Supported over 44,000 patients,
over the phone, UK-wide

Still market leaders


Our story 2021

Physiotherapy On Demand

24/7, anytime, anywhere, App-based,
Online physiotherapy support

Still leading innovation

We have worked with some of the biggest organisations and largest employers in the country, including the NHS, Police, Ambulance Service, Fire Service, Post Office, and the DWP. These employers have all used our award-winning, remote physiotherapy service to help them treat their staff quickly and effectively. 

Throughout the last 25 years Physio Med have supported over 250,000 patients and over the last 12 years alone have remotely supported over 44,000 patients with musculoskeletal problems. We help patients understand their condition quickly and get them on the most effective treatment path, for the fastest possible recovery.

We have been leading physiotherapy support services in the UK since 1995 and our network now consists of over 780 physical physiotherapy locations and 2,500 chartered physiotherapists. 

In 2008 we launched our remote service that provided physiotherapy support to people within a matter of hours. We have since developed the Physiotherapy Advice Line to include video and mobile app technology to offer even better support to more and more patients across the UK.

Not willing to compromise on the quality of clinical outcomes, we methodically developed our remote physiotherapy services to provide world-class patient care. This allows us to provide clinical outcomes equal to, and in some cases improved on, traditional face-to-face physiotherapy. Now in 2021, we provide you with an option for immediate help, we call it Physiotherapy on Demand. Trusted and 100% safe, our online physiotherapy assessment has been trialled successfully at Edinburgh University and within the NHS.

We have listened to our patients and our clients and have used all of our knowledge, passion, and effort so that we can now provide support 24-hours a day, 7-days a week, 365-days per year. Always on, always available, from anywhere in the world.

If you think you have a problem that requires physiotherapy – we can now support you instantly.

No requirement for booking an appointment, no delays, no wait.

Organisations that trust us with their people

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Civil Nuclear Constabulary

Civil Nuclear Constabulary





Expert Support and Development Team

Our online service was developed and is supported by Senior Chartered Physiotherapists

Show mark fletcher   clinical director

Mark Fletcher

Senior Chartered Physiotherapist

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Kirsten Lord

Senior Clinical Advisor

Show paul wimpenny   physio team leader

Paul Wimpenny

Senior Chartered Physiotherapist

Frequently asked questions

Once you have paid for the assessment you will immediately be given access. The assessment will ask you questions about your general health and your current musculoskeletal condition. It is in-depth and the questions are designed so we can be accurate and safe with any advice given and your provided treatment pathway.

Absolutely, if you can browse the internet you can easily complete our online physiotherapy assessment.

As a result of an injury, inflammation and scar tissue formation, you may experience pain, reduced movement and reduced strength. Your assessing Senior Physiotherapist will identify where your pain is coming from, which of your movements are restricted and which of your muscles are weak. Your Physiotherapist will then create a tailored exercise programme to meet your specific needs and address this. The exercises will be graded dependent on the age of your condition, i.e. gentle in the first few weeks and then increasing as the condition progresses. These exercises aimed at reducing your pain, improving your movement and improving your strength will have a direct effect on improving your condition.

The most important thing to consider with any musculoskeletal condition is to get the correct advice to deal with your symptoms as quick as you can. The online assessment in lots of instances is more thorough than if you were to a physio or doctor and because you can answer the questions without being rushed, the answers given are usually more accurate and therefore provide a better result. The whole system has been developed with our Chartered Physiotherapists who have had over 12 years delivering remote physiotherapy services and have treated over 44,000 patients as a result.

Physiotherapy has always been difficult to access, even before our NHS was given the added strain of COVID-19.

Access to an initial assessment usually takes around four weeks to get a 15-minute appointment with an NHS physiotherapist. In this 15-minute appointment there is just enough time to conduct an initial assessment and for the physiotherapist to provide you with some basic exercises usually given to you on a sheet of paper.

You will find it hard in the time given to accurately and comfortably describe your pain and symptoms, the process will feel rushed and you will need to travel, often in pain to the appointment.

Whilst waiting up-to four weeks for your initial assessment you risk your condidition to worsen or becoming chronic. It's important to do the right things immediately after an injury as what you do in the initial stages can help or hinder your recovery.

Exercises are most often prescribed to have a cumulative effect over a period of time. This effect can be diminished if the exercises are not carried out regularly. Some forms of exercise need to be performed several times per day whilst others only 1-3 times per week, the intensity of the exercise and it's desired effects dictate the frequency and amount it needs to be performed.

Please Note:

  • Physiotherapy on Demand is a software-based assessment and does not include a consultation with a physiotherapist.
  • The advice you receive is based on your responses to our online form that has been professionally designed and clinically tested by the NHS.
  • The PDF report that you receive will give you initial advice and recommendations regarding your care pathway.
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