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Do you Know What Causes Pain in your Neck?

Do you Know What Causes Pain in your Neck?

We have all experienced someone or something that was incredibly annoying and called it “a pain in the neck”. With good reason—neck pain is not fun and it can be severely debilitating. It is also unfortunately common; it is estimated that around three quarters of the population has suffered neck pains at some point in their lives. There are many different causes of pains in the neck but they fall within three main categories:

  • Overuse          
  • Injury          
  • Disease


Overuse of neck muscles can happen whilst you are carrying out everyday activities. By having poor posture and sitting incorrectly at your computer or in your car, you are putting extra strain on your neck muscles.

Jobs that require a lot of movement, particularly stretching or spending a large amount of time with your arms above chest level can contribute to your neck pain.

If your body is not aligned correctly, your muscles have to work harder and become fatigued and strained causing neck pain. An ergonomic workspace can prevent the type of pain caused by repetitive computer use. Your chair should be at the proper height, with your keyboard set with the correct spacing and your monitor at the right height and angle to keep your back, shoulders, head and neck in proper alignment.

To eliminate or reduce neck pain, you should periodically take a break from your computer, stretch, exercise, get enough sleep and reduce stress. If the pain is severe, or you can’t get relief from other methods, a visit to a physiotherapist can be very beneficial. Studies have shown that physiotherapy along with an exercise regime gives the most relief to people experiencing neck pain.


Injuries also cause neck pain. A neck injury can happen quite suddenly, in the case of a car accident, or over time due to overuse. It is also a fact that as you age, your joints get weaker and unable to handle actions that were possible when you were younger. The best thing to do when suffering from a neck injury is to see a doctor or physiotherapist. Even if you’re not in great pain now, getting help early on will ensure that the injury does not deteriorate.

Neck pain can also be caused by disease; osteoarthritis and rheumatoid arthritis can cause neck pain. If you have neck pains that cannot be explained by overuse or injury, the best thing to do is to see a doctor or a physiotherapist

If the pain is caused by overuse and ergonomic changes have not brought the relief you need, a proper physiotherapy assessment and programme can help. 

Our professional physiotherapists at Physio Med can design a tailor made exercise programme to reduce your pain as well as ensuring that the risk of you hurting yourself again is reduced by providing exercises which strengthen and stretch your neck muscles.

We will be happy to talk to you and answer any questions you may have about whether physiotherapy is right for you.


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As the situation with regards to the COVID-19 pandemic continues to evolve, we believe it’s everyone’s responsibility to provide help and support wherever possible. With our technology, free guides and videos, we feel we can make a contribution to the situation today.


In order to continue to provide physiotherapy services to our clients past, present and future, we are now offering an alternative provision in the form of a Telehealth service, which will allow patients to speak to senior physiotherapists for advice, motivation and recommendations of techniques to help manage their conditions.

Remote DSE Assessments

Physio Med’s video link DSE assessment has been developed to provide an effective method of assessing an employee’s ‘at home’ workstation without the need for a physio visit in person. See our general well-being page for in-depth guidance on correct sitting posture and working at a desk. For an in-depth video for setting up a home office please contact us.

Well-being zone

Navigate to our well-being zone for a wide range of exercises to manage existing conditions. Our Managing Musculoskeletal guides and videos have been developed by our chartered physiotherapists to help those suffering from pain and limited mobility suffered from a recent musculoskeletal accident, injury or trauma. Designed to reduce pain, improve range of movement, and to recover from injury quickly and safely.

If you would like more information about how our services work or are interested in accessing this service please call 0113 229 1300 or email and someone will contact you directly.

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