Clinical Discharge / Review

Clinical Discharge / Review

The purpose of the Clinical Review is to assess the patient’s condition following treatment, understand what recovery they have made, determine their correct next routing, update their Rehabilitation Programme if required and encourage the patient to continue self-managing.

For the significant majority of patients this will be a full discharge from the service as they have recovered sufficiently, or will achieve full recovery with continued adherence to their progressive Rehabilitation Programme.

A Discharge report is generated and sent to the client within 2 working days of the review, with the content of the report in-line with Client requirements.

Throughout our Occupational Physiotherapy Service we aim for the following outcomes:

  • Reduces the costs of sickness absence, insurance and litigation.
  • Identify complex needs and support criteria for rehabilitation and return to work
  • Identify anticipated duration and cost of an injury in terms of rehab management.
  • Reduces the likelihood of the individual requiring lengthy sick leave due to a condition/injury etc.
  • Helps establish a client-centred recovery and return to work goal.
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