Initial Assessment

Initial Assessment

Through the utilisation of a subjective, objective and clinical assessment, our experienced Occupational Physiotherapists will liaise with all involved parties such as the patient, employer and general practitioner to:

  • Establish a rehabilitation and return to work goal by evaluating worker’s needs.
  • Determine appropriate actions and services which are timely and evidence based.

The Initial Assessment is a structured assessment by a Chartered Physiotherapist that takes between 30 minutes and 1 hour dependent on complexity.

This will consist of:

  • A full medical history is taken and documented
  • Subjective symptoms
  • Objective markers
  • A physical assessment
  • What makes the condition better or worse
  • Work, life style and general health questions
  • Clinical goal setting

Feedback is provided in regard to their injury and associated dysfunction both in and out of the workplace with clear strategies and goals documented. Provision of further treatment or assessment recommendations to assist the injured employee to improve their functional ability and work related capacity.

An initial assessment report is generated and sent to the client within 2 working days of the appointment, with the content of the report in-line with Client requirements.

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