Interim Assessment

Interim Assessment

The purpose of the Interim Assessment is to analyse how the patient is progressing with treatment, evaluate current condition against original goals, understand how further treatment will benefit the patient and what business benefits there are to justify further funding.

This will be produced once the patient has received the agreed amount of treatment at Initial Assessment stage, however the practitioner feels further treatment or other intervention is required.

Physio Meds Clinical panel scrutinise all Interim Assessment and will take the following actions:

  • Clinical case review
  • Peer to peer discussion
  • Clinical recommendation

The aim of the Interim assessment is to determine:

  • Is further treatment appropriate
  • Does a patient need re-routing to another intervention
  • What other actions can be taken to maximise the benefit to both the patient and client

This process is undertaken and dispatched with a full recommendation to the client within 2 working days.

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