Functional Capacity Assessments

Functional Capacity Assessments

Functional Capacity Assessments determine a worker's current physical ability to perform physically active work duties, in order to help them perform their job safely, return to work, or even gain new employment.

Using a standardised activity-based approach and focusing on abilities rather than limitations, this assessment identifies if the worker is able to match the demands of the job, in areas such as mobility, fitness, stamina, strength, agility, co-ordination and dexterity.

Functional Capacity Assessments:

  • Speeds up the return-to-work process and helps to reduce the length of time the worker is absent from an existing job.
  • Helps to match workers looking for employment with suitable job options, appropriate for their physical abilities.
  • Helps to identify any barriers to employment, such as medical issues, physical, mental health, social, financial, psychological and emotional issues that may arise and need to be addressed.
  • Saves the employer money on work days lost and minimises the sickness absence management costs.
  • Early resolution and addressing of issues reduces the negative impact of longer-term absenteeism and pressure on other worker's.
  • Gives clear guidance on how to manage workers and sends a positive message about the employer's active management of sickness absence.
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