We offer 2 types of triage:

1. Standard Triage
2. Biopyschosocial Triage

Standard Triage

Physio Med have a standard triage to ensure the appropriateness and safety of an individual, this is done by using Contractual and Red Flag Questions.

At this point we can determine patient’s qualification to take up the service using Qualifying Contractual Questions. These questions are agreed with the client organisation in advance to make sure the individual fits within the organisation referral criteria.

Red Flag Questions are used to indicate signs or symptoms of the presence of any serious pathology and helps to ensure correct safe clinical routing i.e. into the physiotherapy pathway or back to the G.P. for further investigation.

It is this information that directs the clinical routing decision for onward case progression.

Biopyschosocial Triage

This is a multidisciplinary approach to triage that includes exploration of relevant biological, psychological, social, cultural, and environmental variables for the purpose of evaluating how such variables may have contributed to the development and maintenance of a presenting problem.

It would cover 3 areas:

  1. Contractual Questions
  2. Red Flag Questions
  3. Biopyschosocial Questions

This approach gives the Triage team indicators of the individuals biological, psychological and social factors, which play a significant part in human function we can ensure best clinical routing and advise what other interventions would be suitable which may include Cognitive Behaviour Therapy (CBT) .

Again this information is critical in making clinical routing decisions for onward case progression and the appropriate intervention.

This information helps make a clinical routing decision for onward case progression to the appropriate intervention of which we have three:

  1. Traditional Physiotherapy using our pre-screened network or utilising On-Site facilities
  2. Self-Management
  3. Investigation

The referred employee is contacted within four hours by the dedicated Relationship Manager and the call normally takes approximately 15 minutes using evidence-based clinical decision making and supporting evidence-based tools.

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