General Well-Being

General Well-Being

Physiotherapy goes a long way towards improving your health and fitness, mobility and strength. In addition there are other lifestyle changes you can adopt when considering improving your overall health.

The important thing to remember is when making changes to lifelong habits, make them small and incremental. Don't quit smoking, stop drinking and cut out all sugary foods in your first week of lifestyle change, as this is likely to make you feel worse initially and make it much harder to achieve your goals. Make your goals achievable, take small steps and plan any lifestyle change over a sensible time period.


Maintaining a fit and healthy workforce

Full Body Stretching and Strengthening Exercises: Occupational Physiotherapy - Getting You Back To Work

How to choose an office chair

There are many types of office chairs and many factors that influence the choice of which chair to use. Ergonomic chairs that offer better leg, pelvic and lumbar positioning have become popular, but they still have their own drawbacks.

Correct Sitting Posture: Working at a Desk

Achieving the correct sitting posture is only the beginning when you work at a desk and use other equipment such as computer screens, laptops, phones and a mouse.

Correct Sitting Posture: Driving

Sitting in a car is no different to sitting in an office, so you should still try to take regular breaks – ideally every 20 minutes, where practical.

Help Guide: Sleeping Posture & Positions

We spend 40% of our lives in bed - so the right bed and sleeping position are important to help when you have neck, back, shoulder and hip problems. The right sleeping posture can also prevent problems from developing, and stop reoccurrence.

Correct Sitting Posture: Office

As more jobs become desk based or sedentary, more and more people are spending long periods of time sitting in chairs. Sitting for five hours a day, five days a week equates to 1,175 hours – or almost 50 days - every year. Multiply that by the number of years you work, then add the time you are seated at home and many people will spend more time sitting than in bed!

Help Guide: Soft Tissue Injury

A soft tissue injury is any injury that creates damage to any muscle, ligament, tendon or combination of the above.

Whose responsibility is it to get an employee back to work guide?

No-one wants to suffer an injury, but it happens. However if, during their leisure time, an employee sustains an injury that prevents them from working, whose problem is it? Does the employer have any obligation to help them recover from their injury and return to work?

Paul Wimpenny, Clinical Governance Officer at Physio Med, explains more in our free downloadable guide. 


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